What are my top five strengths and how would I use them (or how have I used them) in my leadership position?

My top strength is memorization. After I have seen something once I can paint a picture of it in my head and keep it there forever. This strength can be used for everything (from remembering names to remembering where Jenni put something the other day when she can’t find it).

My second strength is remembering names and faces. Someone can tell me their name one time and the next time they see me I know exactly who they are. I think this is one of the most valuable strengths that I have. I think it’s important to remember a person’s name, it shows that you enjoyed meeting them. I could use this skill as a peer mentor or orientation leader.

My third strength is understanding. I am usually the first person that all my close friends come to when they just need someone to understand them. I can use this skill as a peer mentor to show students that I understand and care about them as a student and a friend.

My fourth strength is courage. I like this about myself the most. I am always the most courageous person in my group of friends and I’ve never been shy. I think that being courageous influences other people to be courageous.

My last strength is professionalism. I can actually say that I have received every job that I’ve ever applied for. All of my supervisors have told me that I work very well in a professional environment. I think that this strength can be used in every leadership position because to be a leader you must be professional.


~ by iCarlesha on February 17, 2010.

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