Healthy Relationships

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My first relationship was very negative and unhealthy. My ex boyfriend and I fought all the time, physically and emotionally. My current relationship is very positive, my fiancée and I have learned to respect each others thoughts and opinions. We have become closer by sharing everything and hiding nothing. A technique that I have learned in this class to help maintain a healthy relationship is mutual respect. I personally think that mutual respect is the most significant technique that is required for any healthy relationship.


Social Networking :]

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If I had to use social networking to promote school activities I would use facebook or myspace. On facebook I could set an event to my calendar with the date and time, then invite all the students that go to CAC on my friends list to attend the event. They could even reply with “attending, maybe attending or not attending.” On myspace I could do the same thing only it allows the students to forward the event to their friends so that they can spread the word around.

What are my top five strengths and how would I use them (or how have I used them) in my leadership position?

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My top strength is memorization. After I have seen something once I can paint a picture of it in my head and keep it there forever. This strength can be used for everything (from remembering names to remembering where Jenni put something the other day when she can’t find it).

My second strength is remembering names and faces. Someone can tell me their name one time and the next time they see me I know exactly who they are. I think this is one of the most valuable strengths that I have. I think it’s important to remember a person’s name, it shows that you enjoyed meeting them. I could use this skill as a peer mentor or orientation leader.

My third strength is understanding. I am usually the first person that all my close friends come to when they just need someone to understand them. I can use this skill as a peer mentor to show students that I understand and care about them as a student and a friend.

My fourth strength is courage. I like this about myself the most. I am always the most courageous person in my group of friends and I’ve never been shy. I think that being courageous influences other people to be courageous.

My last strength is professionalism. I can actually say that I have received every job that I’ve ever applied for. All of my supervisors have told me that I work very well in a professional environment. I think that this strength can be used in every leadership position because to be a leader you must be professional.

How can I, as a student leader, utilize the College Services that have been presented today in my position?

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As an orientation leader I can use these college services as resources to new students. Most new students have no clue where to go if they need to drop a class or even get a job on campus. In conclusion, I can use these services as a way to guide students into the direction they seek.

Who is my role model of good leadership && what are some of the fears I have about being a student leader?

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My role model of good leadership is Martin Luther King Jr. His ability to lead a group of people peacefully for a greater cause is extremely admirable, even today. King was very influential to people of all ages and all colors. He once said,

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”

I don’t have any fears about being a student leader, more like concerns. To me being a student leader means helping your fellow students with anything you can think of to make their college experience better. I have a problem with trying to help EVERYONE and when I can’t help everyone I feel like I have failed…epically. Although I know this not exactly true, it’s I feel and I plan to work on it seeing how helping everyone would be mathematically impossible.

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